The Flawless Arts Tale
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The Flawless: Art's Tale - Press Kit  




Intended for initial release on Windows, Linux, Mac with possible future releases on PS4, PS-Vita, & XBOX One.


The Flawless: Art’s Tale is a thinking man’s side-scrolling RPG adventure, with epic hack 'n' slash battles, an endearing cast of characters, an unforgettable coming of age story, and a surrealist art style created by Bare Knuckle Development.


You play as Art; an 8 year old boy who awakes to find himself alone in the brutal and black-and-white world of cats. Art is catapulted into an extraordinary adventure where he must save his pet cat, and best friend, ‘Mr Dirty Paws’ and bring colour to this surreal world. Along the way he meets numerous characters; some fight alongside him against the plethora of enemies that pollute the land, others would rather see him dead. As he is drawn deeper into this strange and complex world it becomes clear that saving Dirty Paws may involve saving the world but is Art up to the task!



Download Screenshots & Images (1.85MB zip file)


  • A thinking man’s side-scrolling RPG adventure.
  • Take down machines with your droid's shooters and outwit the living in hack 'n' slash brawls.
  • Epic boss battles.
  • Handcrafted surrealist, line-drawing art-style, inspired by kids drawings and all things steampunk and cyberpunk.
  • Explore the strange and ever-changing world of cats.
  • Experience dynamic weather and a day-night cycle.
  • Deep, dynamic story-line; where your decisions really matter.
  • Meet a diverse and memorable cast of characters.
  • Use an array of upgradable weapons and helmets.
  • Bake (craft) items in your very own portable oven.
  • Earn money, buy and sell items.
  • Level-up - Let Art reach his true 'Flawless' potential.
  • Master Art's moves and combos.
  • Amazing original soundtrack by Electric Fan Death and others.

Press & Interviews


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Bit-Pulse Podcast Interview - Ste and Tony are interviewed by Hans Hedstrom from Bit-Pulse about The Flawless: Art's Tale, gaming , travelling, and indie dev life.   

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